Obstetrics (pregnancy and birth)

Dr Flannery believes that her role is to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy that offers the best possible outcomes for mother and baby. She takes a flexible approach that respects individual choices and responds to the needs of each woman, family and pregnancy. Nobody is born an expert on pregnancy and childbirth, so you are encouraged to ask questions and get the information that you need to make informed decisions.

Pregnancy is also just the beginning of a family journey into parenting. Dr Flannery’s practice is committed to connecting patients with the most up-to-date and reputable information on parenting issues such as breastfeeding, sleep solutions, and other parenting topics. 

Key services

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling and assessment
  • Management of early pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, recurrent miscarriage, hyperemesis (severe or prolonged vomiting)
  • Antenatal care, including
       – detection and management of
          – higher risk pregnancy
          – conditions that may arise during pregnancy, such as diabetes and pre-eclampsia
      – helping women with a history of previous obstetric problems, traumatic labour or birthing experiences
  • Labour management and delivery, including
       – natural birth, water birth, vaginal birth after caesarean section, assisted vaginal delivery (when necessary), and caesarean section (elective and emergency)
  • Postnatal care, including
       – breastfeeding support.

Further online resources

If you’re interested to seek out more specific information and advice on pregnancy and birth, you may wish to visit the following useful websites: